Launching of MME 2017 onboard luxury cruise hotel Ritrella

Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Liveaboards Association of Maldives (LAM) and the launching of its official marine exhibition - Maldives Marine Expo (MME) 4th Edition - was held on 23rd May 2017, at a ceremony onboard the luxury safari boat Ritrella Cruise Hotel.

The ceremony was inaugurated by the President of LAM, Mr. Hassan Haleem, accompanied by the Tourism Minister of Maldives Mr. Moosa Zameer. An evening of glamour and festivities, the celebrations kicked off with a short speech by Mr. Hassan Haleem, followed by the Tourism Minister.

During the opening speech by Mr. Hassan Haleem, President of LAM, he revisited the days when boat owners and individual marine related businesses struggled on various difficulties. “With the initiative of LAM founders, we were together and working for a common goal in developing the industry and solutions for the challenges. Today, we have been welcomed in most of the discussion boards, whether its government or private, to speak and voice our difficulties in shaping the marine industry of Maldives.


Maldives Marine Expo, we are launching for the 4th year and it’s the biggest fair organised for the industry. We are very proud to have reached so far in 10 years.” Mr. Hassan thanked the partners and sponsors who believed in the organisation and also the Maldives Marine Expo Organiser, BLAK Private Limited.


Minister of Tourism, Mr. Moosa Zameer also spoke during the function. Mr. Zameer thanked LAM for assisting the government through the various challenges in the industry and shared some of government’s plan and existing opportunities. He highlighted the recent starting of Sri Lankan Airlines direct flight to Gan, South of Maldives had increased more opportunities for beds, and liveaboards could take it as an advantage to travel and offer the services to the region. He also highlighted the plans on implementing more service points for Safaris apart from the capital region.

The function awarded a plaque of appreciation to the partners and sponsors who supported past 03 events of the Maldives Marine Expo while awards were handed over by the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Zameer accompanied by the Managing Director of BLAK, Mr. Husham (Bombe’).

Seagull Marine, Alia Investment, Guaranteed Fibre Glass, Gulf Craft, Hassan Marine Engineering Services, Maizan Electronics, MTCC, Marine Equipments and V.A.M.C.O were the companies who took away the Plaque.

As the evening turned into night, guests mingled, the waiters passed out delicate appetisers by the events catering sponsor Symphony Maldives. Music by local talent Yousuf was an added bonus to the guests who attended this VIP event.

Maldives Marine Expo 4th Edition was launched later in the function by Mr. Husham and delivered a detailed presentation on the achievements of the past Maldives Marine Expo events. He also introduced the new theme of this year’s MME event as “MAPPING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE”.

Mr. Husham briefly explained the reasons why LAM and BLAK believes this theme is important; it will help educate, recognise the companies and individuals who are aware of the importance in creating a sustainable environment for future. He stressed, Maldives being an island nation, which is under immediate threat from climate change, global warming and more, requiring immediate joint effort from the stakeholders of the industry and that this can help the industry towards a better future.

Maldives Marine Expo signed Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporations (MMPRC), Dhiraagu, M7 and Event Maldives as PREMIUM Partners for the fourth MME Event. Ritrella, Pixel Solutions, Efficacy Legal, Floating Asia, CTL Strategies, Symphony, Rauch, ELYIZ, ASAP and signed as exclusive partners.


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