Maldives Marine Expo Launches for Year 2017

Maldives Marine Expo 2017 was launched on 23rd May 2017 and the launching ceremony was held onboard Ritrella Cruise Hotel.

Key invitees for the launching ceremony were board members of Liveaboard Association of Maldives, past exhibitors of Maldives Marine Expo, corporate executives of private and public companies and government officials and ambassadors.

At this ceremony, recognition plaques were awarded to Exclusive Premium Partners, Premium Partners, and successive exhibitors of past Maldives Marine Expos. The ceremony concluded with a presentation of Maldives Marine Expo 2017 with its theme 'Mapping A Sustainable Future' focused on environmental technologies for the marine industry of Maldives. The presentation included details about the activities and facilities offered at the exhibition and special discounts for loyalty members and successive exhibitors.

Partners for the Maldives Marine Expo 2017:

  • Premium Exclusive Sound & Lights Partner - Event Maldives
  • Premium Exclusive Print Partner - M7 Prints
  • Premium Promoting Partner - Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation
  • Premium Digital Services Partner - Dhiraagu PLC
  • Exclusive Visuals Partner - Pixel Solutions
  • Exclusive Legal Counsel - Efficacy Legal LLP
  • Exclusive Boating Partner - Ritrella Cruise Hotel
  • Exclusive Magazine - Floating Asia
  • Exclusive Tax Advisor - CTL Strategies LLP
  • Exclusive Catering Partner - Symphony Catering
  • Exclusive Media Partner -
  • Exclusive Beverage Partner - Rauch
  • Exclusive Video & Photography Partner - Eliyz
  • Exclusive Security Partner - Absolute Security & Advance Protection