Maldives Marine Expo 2019


Maldives Marine Expo 2019, with its theme Marine Technology, aims to explore new developments with the help of experts and specialists in their fields. This year’s show aims to share the technological developments that would improve different sectors of the maritime operations.


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Marine Technology


Marine technology is a broad subject that covers all technological advancements in different fields that make up the marine industry. From naval architecture, ship design and boat building, to engineering, navigational equipment, logistical operations and technologies used underwater and research concerning marine resources, the fields expand with new developments every year.

Today, in this digital world, the marine industry is pushing the frontiers with machine learning, artificial intelligence, new technologies in tracking and monitoring shipping operations, and perhaps looking at the near future of autonomous vessels. Augmented reality and virtual reality getting ready to be utilised in trainings for crew members and drones being designed to assist surveyors of ships and offshore structures, we are now looking at a complete new landscape for the marine industry.


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